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Duane G., Wilton, NH

"Luke Peterson has been my mechanic for over 20 years. I have six classics from the 50's and 60's plus my daily driver cars. Luke's vast knowledge of cars, his ability to fix it right and stand behind his work has been outstanding!!! His honesty and integrity have been above reproach!!! I wouldn't go anywhere else!!!"

J.R., Brookline, NH

"Luke is the most thorough mechanic I have ever dealt with. Our first experience with his work left a lasting impression on us. We had left our car with him while we went on vacation. He called us during that week, having gone through the entire car and provided us with 3 lists; 1) 'must do now,' 2) 'coming up soon,' and 3) 'someday if you want a perfect car.' He spent 20 minutes on the phone with us detailing everything he found wrong with the car. Since then, each following visit has been as consistently professional." 

Jerry C., Amherst, NH

"Luke Peterson has been my mechanic for almost 20 years. After 6 years as a Navy pilot and 25 years as an airline pilot, I've spend a great deal of time around complex machines with all levels of mechanics. Luke Peterson is probably the most skilled mechanic I've ever met. I first met him after a friend told me he was the best Ferrari™ mechanic in New England.

As a car enthusiast and father of five, I've had extensive exposure to Luke's professional skills. He has kept my 1975 Ferrari in perfect condition for the last 20 years. He has also maintained my Mercedes™ wagon for the past 10 years. It now has 350,000 miles and still drives like new. With a wife and five kids putting miles on cars, I've kept Luke very busy. He can maintain a high end car as well as keep my kids 'beaters' in great shape. When Luke looks at a car he will always give you a list of 'must do's, should do's and would be nice to do's.'

I've asked Luke to look over numerous used cars before I purchased them. He can tell you how the car was maintained, its condition, whether you should buy it or not, and what you should pay for the car as well as the personality of the former driver. He has become a trusted friend to call whenever I have an automotive problem or question. I've recommended Luke to family and friends for years and have only received positive feedback from them. As his business name Integrity Motors implies, Luke is honest to a fault. To anyone looking for an exceedingly competent, completely reliable and honest mechanic, I can only give my highest recommendation to Luke Peterson at Integrity Motors."